Who’s Taking Part: March 2017

The Artificial Body Zone is funded by Wellcome.

The Engineers

Daniel Morse | PhD Student, Cardiff University

I look at how fungi and bacteria from the mouth interact and cause infections, how the cells in the mouth respond, and infect my own home-grown living 3D model of the roof of the mouth (which looks pretty cool under the microscope!).

Ana Gallego | Materials Engineer, Blatchford

I make artificial legs for amputees.

Zach Welshman | PhD Student, University of Leeds

I use a big expensive computer to see how the tiny bones and muscles in the foot move when you run around.

Sophie Cox | Lecturer, University of Birmingham

I use new materials and methods to make bone implants.

Todd Burton | PhD Student, University of Edinburgh

I am trying to find the best environment to grown a kidney in.

Alejandra Aranceta | Research Associate, University of Strathclyde

I work developing robotic arms for people that have lost their hand.

The Schools

  • Aith Junior High School, Shetland
  • All Hallows Catholic High School, Lancashire
  • Allerton High School, West Yorkshire
  • Auchinleck Academy, Auchinleck
  • Barr Beacon School, West Midlands
  • Blacon High School, Cheshire
  • Fishponds Church of England Academy, Bristol
  • Dartford Grammar School for Girls, Kent
  • Guiseley School, West Yorkshire
  • Heathfield Community College, East Sussex
  • King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, West Midlands
  • North Harringay Primary School, London
  • Notre Dame High School, Greenock
  • St Mary’s Christian Brothers’ Grammar School, Antrim
  • Stockley Academy, Hillingdon
  • The Dukeries Academy, Newark
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