• Question: How long do you usually work for?

    Asked by BetterrunfromShiaLabeouf to Alejandra, Ana, Daniel, Sophie, Todd, Zach on 9 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Zach Welshman

      Zach Welshman answered on 9 Mar 2017:

      I work around 7-9 hours a day depending of how much there is to do. Sometimes if I’m having a bad day, when nothing is working, I’ll take a good hour break and read something or even go for a walk with music to help clear my thoughts. Recently I’ve started practicing mindfulness which is surprisingly helpful 🙂

    • Photo: Daniel Morse

      Daniel Morse answered on 10 Mar 2017:

      Sometimes it feels like 24 hours a day!

      I tend to arrive about 9.30, and leave between 4.30-5 normally. I do come in on weekends very couple of weeks, but only for a few hours at a time, so it isn’t too bad! I’ll have 30-60 minutes for lunch, depending on how busy I am, and a coffee break in the morning (but I normally have that at my desk and am writing or reading at the same time..)

      I will do some things at home too, experimental planning or reading research articles/writing my own etc..so probably about 8/9 hours a day I’d say normally. Its like a normal job, so if you treat it that way, you won’t get sidetracked and underperform!

    • Photo: Alejandra Aranceta

      Alejandra Aranceta answered on 10 Mar 2017:

      Hi Better run from Shia Labeouf (why though?),

      My days are packed with things to do, but I tend to work from 8-6pm. Sometimes, if I don’t have a lot in my plate, I can do the 10-3pm or something like that. Generally I don’t feel like I’ve worked for so many hours, time just flies!

    • Photo: Ana Gallego

      Ana Gallego answered on 11 Mar 2017:

      I work around 36.5 hours a week.
      I start at 8h30 and finish at 5pm but on Fridays I get to leave at 13h00, which is great to start the weekend!

    • Photo: Sophie Cox

      Sophie Cox answered on 11 Mar 2017:

      Hi BetterrunfromShiaLabeouf,

      I usually get to work around 08:30 and leave around 6pm. Most of the time I feel like a blink and my day is finished and then I blink again and it’s the weekend… I guess that’s because I enjoy what I do 🙂

      Typically I don’t work at the weekend because I think it’s important to switch off and spend time away from work.

    • Photo: Todd Burton

      Todd Burton answered on 13 Mar 2017:

      That all depends on the day, usually around 8 hours or so, sometimes shorter sometimes longer, it just depends on how much needs to be done that day.