• Question: How many parts for the robotic leg so far?

    Asked by crazyosaurus123 to Ana on 6 Mar 2017. This question was also asked by Dumbledore.
    • Photo: Ana Gallego

      Ana Gallego answered on 6 Mar 2017:

      The legs I make are not yet robotic but they do have electronics and mechanical components that one day can be robotic and automatically controlled. In total, I have designed 3 but I am working on another 2 that hopefully will be sold soon.

      Lately, I have been making parts that are always in contact with the skin, so they have to be nice and comfy, cushiony and that help with the sweating.
      I would like to make some of these parts more intelligent, so that if the leg is getting too hot or bruised, it will send a signal to your mobile phone to alert you, and hopefully, make it cold again for you.

      I am also working on things to last longer because amputees also play football, run marathons and ride bikes so I make sure they are assembled correctly with the correct glues.