• Question: What university did you attend and what levels are required?

    Asked by Soph&Keira to Ana, Daniel, Zach on 17 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Zach Welshman

      Zach Welshman answered on 17 Mar 2017:

      I attended the University of Ulster for my first degree and now in completing my MSc and PhD at the University of Leeds 🙂

    • Photo: Daniel Morse

      Daniel Morse answered on 17 Mar 2017:

      I went to the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol.

      I did Biomedical Sciences, and taken from the UWE website:
      – GCSE: For all applicants, Grade C or above, or Grade 4 under newly reformed GCSE grading, in English Language, Mathematics and Double Science, or equivalent. Please note the University does not accept Level 2 Key Skills, Functional Skills or Certificates in Adult Numeracy and Literacy as suitable alternatives to GCSEs.
      – A-level subjects: Grade B or above in Biology or Chemistry plus a Grade C or above in another science subject. Points from A-Level General Studies and AS-Level subjects (not taken onto full A-Level) can be included towards overall tariff. You must have a minimum of two A-Levels.
      – Specific subjects: Biology; Chemistry

    • Photo: Ana Gallego

      Ana Gallego answered on 20 Mar 2017:

      I did attend Universidad Carlos III and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (Spain) and London Metropolitan University in London, obviously.